Another way to give health for the Holidays

11.29.13 |

Bring Habits of Health to the dinner table

A few days ago, I shared with you four ways that you could give health for the holidays. You could introduce your friends and family to the Optimal Health Community, you could encourage them to take the 30-Day Email Health Challenge, you could give them a copy of one of my books, or you could go the extra mile and connect them to a coach or trainer.

A fifth way of giving health

But there is a fifth way that you can give health for the holidays: Bring your Habits of Health to the dinner table.

In other words, your example of creating health, as you maintain your commitment to making the decisions that move you closer to your wellness goals, is the most powerful way that you can share health with the people you care about. Living the Habits of Health demonstrates that reaching optimal health is possible to the people around you.

For someone that may be thinking about improving their health or has been frustrated by fad diets in the past, interacting with someone who is down-to-earth about their approach to health is the best advertisement for wellness that there is.

Tools are important, but inspiration and motivation are essential. Share the tools, but don’t forget to be an optimal health leader, to be an inspiration.

Happy holidays to you and yours, and thank you for being a part of the optimal health movement.