Start Journaling with Your LifeBook

08.23.19 |

Keeping a health journal is a powerful Habit of Health, but we often find that new clients are hesitant or skeptical. Many people have the idea that keeping a journal is a long laborious process along the lines of writing classic literature, which either feels silly or like too much work. In our system, journaling is a tool to increase mindfulness and reinforce positive behavior, and it does not have to be an intense commitment of time or creativity.

And that’s why Your LifeBook is a special kind of experience where you read and respond, answering questions and thinking more deeply about who you are and the choices you make. You never have to face a blank page and think of what to write. I’m right there with you to guide you along the way.

When you learn to journal, you can:

  • Organize your life around what matters most.
  • Reflect on the choices you made that day to identify opportunities for better choices next time.
  • Pause the bustle of your day and focus your mind on your health.
  • Find a moment to celebrate your victories for the day.
  • Zoom out to look at the big picture of your progress and to flip back at thoughts you made in previous entries.
  • Plan for the future in a tangible, concrete way.

Your LifeBook will ease you into this process, prompting you questions to help you rewire your brain into a new kind of thinking about you, your choices, and your health. The transformation is gradual, but along the way you will begin to see how taking the time to stop and to recognize your thoughts is a powerful way to regain control of your habits. When you build Habits of Health, you can harness them to move your journey toward optimal wellbeing.

Once you finish with Your LifeBook, you should check back on it from time to time to see how much you have grown and changed since you first wrote on those pages, and that’s a perfect moment for a new journal entry as well as for you to write down your reflections.

Remember, your journal is just for you. Your LifeBook is your start, and don’t let it be the end of your journaling habit. As your story extends beyond Your LifeBook, capture it in a fresh journal. You will continue to learn more about yourself and your health if you do.

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