6 Improvements for Habits of Healthy Relationships

01.30.20 |

The Habits of Health is unique in the world of health & wellness because we take the science of optimal wellbeing and look at the full picture—not just your weight, not just your fitness. We look at the whole of your life to build a healthy lifestyle that is not only sustainable but creates compounding rewards.

We have seen in the research and in the field that a healthier choice in one area of life leads to improvements in others. If you improve your sleep habits, for example, you not only feel more rested but are also more likely to make healthier choices in your daily life because rest improves decision-making.

One of the areas of health that often goes overlooked, especially at first, is Habits of Healthy Relationships. Pop culture has trained us to think so much about what we eat and how much we exercise that we forget about the impact that the people around us can have. In our system, one of the first steps we take is to inject you into a thriving support system. With a coach and access to a network of people just like you who are taking a similar journey, you can find encouragement, insight, and direction. If you take advantage of the in-person meet-ups available in your area (or if you start your own), you can physically surround yourself with people who are bettering themselves and who are making healthier choices as a result.

That’s huge.

Our surroundings influence us. If we are surrounded by people who are thoughtful about their portions and who would rather play a game of pick-up basketball instead of going to the bar, our behaviors start to trend in that direction, making our own health choices easier.

Here’s how you can transform your Habits of Healthy Relationships to work in your favor:

  • Assess your present relationships. Who are the positive influences? Who are the people who might be perfectly nice but often lead you to making unhealthy choices?
  • Spend more time with the positive influences. Invite them to join your walking group or just send them a note to let them know you appreciate the role they play in your life.
  • Address the negative influences. If you have a great friend who is often unhealthy, talk to them about joining you on your journey. You care about them and want them to have a bright, healthier life, after all. 
  • Change the context if that same great friend is reluctant. If, for example, you find yourself tempted to overdrink at dinner whenever you spend time together, try meeting for breakfast or lunch instead, or perhaps meet away from food and drink altogether.
  • Build new relationships. The Habits of Health Community is full of future friends who can support you, so be more active there. Look for a local group to join, and if you can’t find one, try a new healthy hobby like yoga or spin class where you can meet other healthy individuals.
  • Remember that you are an influencer, too. Your choices and your behavior have an effect on the people around you, so make that effect positive. Take a few extra seconds to check-in on the people you love, make your social media a source of inspiration instead of negativity, and lead by example in your own health choices.

Habits of Healthy Relationships take time and nurturing. We are social creatures, though, which means that our tribes are a hardwired part of how we think and how we behave, so make your tribe your secret superpower by making it exceptional.