Habits of Health… at a Distance

03.26.20 |

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge in COVID-19, and that means many of us are social-distancing or are quarantined in our homes. In the Habits of Health Transformational System, you know that going for walks, being in nature, and sharing in community are major cornerstones to a life of optimal health and wellbeing. When you’ve embraced this approach, several days in isolation can feel like being trapped or like you are moving backward in your health.

You are not alone. Your journey can continue. You can still achieve your goals.

If you are working with a health coach, I hope you have kept those lines of communication open and active. Your coach is there to provide you support and guidance. Take advantage of that rare opportunity.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some suggestions for building Habits of Health even when you are not able to leave your home.

Here are some ideas:

  • Keep a schedule. Habits are built and kept with routine. If you can’t leave your home, establish a daily schedule for when you wake up, when you sleep, and when you do your fuelings. This discipline and consistency will help to keep you on track.
  • Stay connected. Physical distance does not have to mean social distance. Exchange texts, calls, and video chats with friends and family throughout your day. Also, feel free to join our weekly Zoom calls to stay tied to our larger community, and keep an eye on the Dr. A Facebook page for impromptu live chats as well.
  • Challenge your brain. Staying at home can make you feel bored or unengaged. Instead, use this as an opportunity to sharpen your mind. Read a book (or ebook). Play brain games, and invite your friends to do the same.
  • Learn something new. If you have extra time on your hands, this is an opportunity to explore a new hobby or to pick up a new skill. Several courses online are free, and YouTube is filled with free tutorials. Want to learn to draw? Pick up a pencil and start. Want to learn yoga? There are free videos for that too.
  • Get in motion. Without access to the gym and with limited access to walking trails, it can feel like exercise is impossible. It doesn’t have to be! Walking up and down your stairs can be a good source of motion, and there are several bodyweight programs you can do at home without equipment. Talk to your physician first, but we have resources as well.
  • Practice meditation. If you have not yet started to build this Habit of Health, this is a great time to start. Start by taking 30 seconds to a minute to close your eyes and to focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Let your body relax and let your mind settle. If you feel anxiety building, step away for a moment and meditate.

I understand if the crisis around the coronavirus can feel overwhelming. While many things are out of your control, you have more ownership over your life and your choices than you might realize. Even if you are at home, you are not trapped. You are not stuck. You have access to a world of possibilities and have the power to create rich, vibrant change in your health and your life.

Your day is still full of choices, which means you have hundreds of opportunities to choose optimal health.