5 Tips for Indoor Habits of Healthy Motion

04.16.20 |

As the world experiences a global lockdown, I’m seeing more and more questions about movement and fitness. Gyms are closed. Yoga studios are closed. For those of us living in suburbs or in cities, going for a walk might not even be possible because of social distancing.

How do you continue practicing Habits of Healthy Motion if you cannot leave your home?

This is a strange challenge, but you have options if you get creative. And, as always, if any of my recommendations represent a change in your current activity level, please consult your health care provider for guidance first

Here are some ideas for adding more activity to a day in quarantine:

  • Add new exercises at home with your bodyweight or using household items. Curling soup cans might sound silly, but they add some resistance and are readily available, and other household things like bags of potatoes can serve as weights in a pinch.
  • Tie a routine activity to a few repetitions of an exercise. Did you just wash your hands? Do five bodyweight squats right there at the sink. Did you just finish an episode of a show? Do ten push-ups. Better yet, do stretches and try to stand through as much of your television viewing as possible!
  • Walk your stairs. If you have stairs in your home or have access to stairs that won’t compromise your social distancing, walking a flight of stairs can help you get your daily step count in faster by providing more of a challenge than regular walking. 
  • Make fitness a fun game. If you are in quarantine with a loved one, find a way to challenge each other to do more activity. For example, you could set a trigger around an inside joke that means one of you has to do six lunges.
  • Try an online fitness class. Many gyms and instructors are sharing workout programs on Facebook and YouTube. Log in and follow along to try something new. We even have a Habits of Health exercise playlist you can try.

What are you doing to continue building Habits of Health during quarantine? Share your stories and ideas with the community! Your journey could help someone else!