Connect With the OPTAVIA Community During the Pandemic

04.03.20 |

The coronavirus has pushed many of us indoors, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be socially isolated. While you keep your physical distance, our OPTAVIA community is thriving and here for you. Connect. Share a laugh. Learn something new. You are not alone.

Each week, OPTAVIA hosts the Wednesday Night Habits of Health Community Time, an interactive live call featuring independent OPTAVIA coaches and experienced clients. 

During the calls, you can dive deep into Habits of Health essentials, such as:

  • Stop. Challenge. Choose. 
  • Individual elements from Your LifeBook
  • microHabits

The Habits of Health Community Time is held every Wednesday at 8:30 EST. You can access the link to their next call and watch the previous sessions on the OPTAVIA YouTube channel.

My Q&A Sessions

If you’d like more Habits of Health content during the week, spend more time with me. I recently started conducting daily live Q&A videos on my Facebook page. You can find previous sessions on my YouTube channel

The coronavirus pandemic can feel overwhelming, but connecting to the surrounding community reminds you that you’re not alone. Join a call. Watch a video. Focus on your health.