What You Might Miss

05.07.20 |

Optimal wellbeing is a journey. You are setting goals and working toward achieving them. The choices you are making today move you closer to the best version of yourself.

Looking to the future is important. If we do not consider the outcomes of our choices—for better or for worse—we forfeit the power those choices have to improve our lives and to create new opportunities for ourselves and for the people we love. For as much as we talk about the rewards we can unlock tomorrow, however, do not forget the rewards you can unlock today.

As you are tallying the pounds you lost or are looking at the new personal best you can set with your step counter, find time to pause and to savor the moment you’re in. If you look only at how great your life will be in the future, you may miss out on creating wonderful memories in the present. Your children are growing up. Your closest friends are on their own journeys. And the world is changing more and more every day.

One of the most amazing choices you can make is to stop—truly stop—and reflect on the moment you’re in. 

Don’t turn your back on that sunset. You can spend five minutes appreciating the uniqueness of the colors and the way the wind moves the silhouettes of the trees.

Put your phone down. Your children are playing a game at the kitchen table and you could be there with them. That email or Facebook post can wait.

Make your walk about more than the number of calories you burn. Take in the fresh air. Appreciate how remarkable it feels for your muscles to fire.

Share what is in your heart. If a friend or a family member is important to you, tell them. Every phone call or Zoom meeting is a treasure when it is spent with someone who matters to you.

Each moment can be an opportunity to create a cherished memory, and that’s why many of us are on this journey. We recognize that the Habits of Health can make our lives longer and more vibrant, which means that we get to spend more time with the people we love. As much as our journey is about moving forward and creating change in ourselves and the world around us, we should not forget to enjoy the rewards we unlock along the way.