4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Our Facebook Group

06.04.20 |

When the second edition of Dr. A’s Habits of Health launched, we also launched a Facebook Group. The goal of the group was to give our community another way to connect, to share in their journeys and to support each other with encouragement and insights. 

The group was growing steadily each month, and then the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. As our community often does, this moment of hardship blossomed into an opportunity for us to find new ways to be better, to not only create change in our own lives but to play a part in helping others do the same.

The group exploded.

Today, our Facebook Group is nearing 20,000 members and hosts thousands of posts a day. A community this large comes with enormous opportunities for us to have a lasting impact on the world. As the group evolves, here’s how we can make it even more impactful:

1. Celebrate your victories.

The Habits of Health teaches us that every choice counts and that the smallest changes today can lead to radical transformation in the future. If you catch a glimpse of the new you, even if it’s as small as choosing to go for a walk instead of watching television, that is a victory worth celebrating. By sharing our stories, we help others who might be struggling but are encouraged by a positive example.

2. Share what you’re reading.

Did a particular passage in Dr. A’s Habits of Health or Your LifeBook resonate with you? Why? What did you learn from it? Share that thought with the group and you might meet someone else who can build on that insight with something they learned in their journey.

3. Post a photo.

Pictures can often express ideas and feelings we can’t articulate. If you have a visual from your journey that it is powerful for you, post it. Social media can feel sometimes feel distant and disconnected, but putting a face to your story can bring all of us closer together.

4. Do not give or ask for medical advice. 

Everyone in our community has good intentions, but a Facebook group is not the place to solicit specific advice about nutrition, medical conditions, or other health choices. Those questions are best handled directly by professionals such as a health care provider or OPTAVIA nutritional support. We need to follow Facebook guidelines for health information and we also need to be mindful of how much an incorrect piece of advice can affect someone’s life. Please send these questions directly to the right party or reach out to me directly via Facebook or our support email if you aren’t sure where to turn.

I’m excited about where this group will go next and what it can do for our mission to create health for the world. If you haven’t joined us yet, jump in today!