Your Healthy Independence Day

07.02.20 |

For all of our U.S. readers, the July 4th weekend is around the corner, and we’ll be celebrating an important moment in U.S. history: Independence Day.

Holidays of any kind are an opportunity to connect with our friends and family—in-person or at a distance—and to create new memories in those shared moments. For me, I look back fondly on the summers I’ve spent with our family, taking my daughters out on the boat or relaxing by the pool with family friends. I hope that you have similar memories and that you get to make many more.

Any time a holiday is approaching, however, many members of our community feel a creeping anxiety tugging at the corners of their willpower. Holidays are fun and full of laughs, but they also come with beer and hotdogs and platters of sweets. When you’re working toward optimal wellbeing, a table full of temptations can feel paralyzing.

You are building your own kind of freedom with the Habits of Health Transformational System. Holidays do not need to feel like a threat to your progress.

Here’s what to do:

  • Talk to your coach. You are not alone in facing this challenge, and you have a whole community behind you. Your coach can give you tips and support specific to your needs.
  • Plan ahead. If you know this will be a challenge for you, describe how you plan to conquer that challenge in your journal, and it might even help to visualize how you will politely decline unhealthy food.
  • Drink lots of water. Water helps to suppress appetite and cravings, so have your bottle of water within reach. Feel tempted? Take a sip!
  • Eat healthy food ahead of time. For that day, plan your fueling schedule so that you can be present at your event with a full stomach. That will make it easier to conquer cravings.
  • Talk to your loved ones before you go anywhere. If you share your goals and concerns with the people who care about you, you can win their support and shutdown potential temptations before they happen.
  • Reflect on the good. If you get to spend a day in the sun with the people you love, think about that. Pause to take in the scene, and think about how grateful that makes you feel.

No holiday should be a source of fear or anxiety. Your health is your biggest opportunity to unlock new life experiences and new memories. Cherish it! Celebrate it! You can have fun on your holiday without a pile of junk food.