Introducing: Your Live LifeBook Workshop

09.21.20 |

When I wrote Your Lifebook, I intentionally designed it to be an interactive, introspective tool to assist you in your journey to optimal wellbeing.

Today, I want to make Your LifeBook even more impactful by making it even more interactive. By sharing the ideas within Your LifeBook with the people around you, you spread the values we hold within the Habits of Health and explore your reasons for taking this journey. 

That’s why I’m introducing Your Live LifeBook Workshop. Your Live LifeBook Workshop is an 8-week interactive experience where I will guide you through some of the key messages within Your LifeBook and challenge you to complete weekly tasks to help you on your journey to optimal health.

Here’s how Your Live LifeBook Workshop works: Each week, I’ll invite you to a new Facebook Live session where I will discuss an Element within Your LifeBook. Afterward, I’ll give you an exercise to help you think about the topic in greater detail.

Your prompt will include responding to a question on video and then sharing that video on Facebook. 

As a reward, you’ll receive a unique digital frame to place around your Facebook profile picture. Your frame is a symbol of your diligence and effort to continue on your path to optimal wellbeing. 

Join me as we explore the Habits of Health and Your LifeBook is greater detail over the next eight weeks. You can sign up through Facebook today.