New Research on Alzheimer’s Disease

09.11.20 |

When the first edition of Dr. A’s Habits of Health was published in 2008, I made a series of predictions. All of these predictions were a result of deep research, looking at trends in outcomes across a large variety of studies and synthesizing those ideas with my own education and experience as a critical care physician. Back then, the Habits of Health made bold predictions about major facets of longevity. In the years since, we have watched more and more research validate what the system has advocated from the beginning.

Recently, researchers found the risk for Alzheimer’s goes down significantly with “diet, exercise and brain training.”

If you have spent any time with the Habits of Health, those ideas should sound familiar. In the past, research has hinted that this was the case, but this study is particularly exciting because researchers saw these improvements in just six months, and the individuals who saw the most improvements were supported by specialist coaches. The individuals who operated from online instructions alone did not see the same scope of benefits.

The results here are powerful. We have long known that how we fuel our bodies and how much we exercise has an impact on our brain health, but to see visible results in six months should be incredibly motivating. Yes, you should be thinking about your far-off distant future and what you’d like your health to look like when you get there, but such profound short-term benefits are within reach for you right now.

Your brain is the hub of your longevity. What good is an ultra-fit body if you can’t remember how it feels to play tag with your grandkids or what the ocean air feels like at night? Protecting our brains is essential, and you have all of the tools to do that with the Habits of Health.

Beyond the rewards of longevity, this study also validates what we’ve also known for a long time: Behavior support is crucial. Studies proved that conclusively prior to this research, but seeing research link that behavior support to brain health is even more proof that coaching is an essential part of optimal wellbeing.

Are you practicing Habits of Healthy Fuelings? Are you practicing Habits of Healthy Motion? Are you working with a health coach?

I’d love to hear how you have felt mentally as you move farther into your journey.