Your Live LifeBook Workshop Lesson 4: Building a Healthy Mindset

10.14.20 |

Your Live LifeBook Workshop is an 8-week interactive course that dives deep into the principles outlined in Your LifeBook. If you’d like to learn more, you can read this blog or sign up today on Facebook. If you have questions, visit our FAQ.

In the fourth session of Your Live LifeBook Workshop, we explored Element Four of Your LifeBook: Building a Healthy Mindset. 

We closely evaluated how people, places, and things in our surroundings impact our behavior. Maybe your boss’s frantic emails and texts cause you to tense up throughout the day. Maybe the aroma from the restaurant across the street tempts you to open up their take-out menu. Maybe seeing the TV remote on the coffee table is all the encouragement you need to plop down on the couch for a few hours every evening.

When we understand how our surroundings influence us, we increase our self-awareness and find new opportunities to make better decisions for our health. One of the best tools we can use to make better decisions is Stop. Challenge. Choose. 

When you feel tempted to make a poor health decision, stop what you’re doing. Challenge yourself to come up with a healthier alternative. Choose that alternative. 

You can learn more by watching the video above. 

Please note that Dr. A was traveling for Sundance, so the wifi quality was lower than it is at his home office. As a result, you’ll notice occasional issues with the audio syncing with the video!

Once you’ve finished watching the fourth session, complete the assignment by answering these questions on Facebook Live: Where can you immediately apply Stop. Challenge. Choose. in your life? What are some behaviors you’d like to stop doing? After creating your video, share it with the Dr. Wayne Andersen Facebook page through Messenger.