Your Live LifeBook Workshop Lesson 5: Optimizing Your Surroundings

10.21.20 |

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In the fifth session of Your Live LifeBook Workshop, we explored Element Five of Your LifeBook: Optimizing Your Surroundings. 

Our surroundings have a profound influence on the decisions we make for better health. While a cupboard stocked with junk food or a refrigerator filled with our favorite wine coolers may tempt us to make unhealthy choices, the biggest influences come from our relationships.

A heated argument at work might push us to knock back a couple of drinks. A hurtful word from a spouse may cause us to reach for the ice cream carton. A stressful day of raising children can lead us to staying up late in front of the TV.

By better managing our relationships and recognizing when we feel stress, anxiety, or discomfort, we can make better decisions for our health. 

You can learn more by watching the video above. 

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