Your Live LifeBook Workshop Lesson 8: Learning to Eat Every Three Hours

11.10.20 |

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In the eighth session of Your Live LifeBook Workshop, Dr. A explored Element Eight of Your LifeBook: Learning to Eat Every Three Hours. 

This may seem surprising. Our society has normalized eating only three times a day at meals spaced sometimes six hours apart. 

Many studies suggest that eating more frequently may offer significant benefits. One study found that those who ate at least six times a day actually consumed fewer calories, consumed healthier foods, and had a lower body mass index than those who ate four times in a 24-hour period. 

Separate research shows that increased meal frequency has positive effects on cholesterol and insulin levels. 

By building new Habits of Healthy Eating and enjoying a fueling every three hours, we get to eat more often while reaping significant health benefits. 

You can learn more by watching the video above. 

Once you’ve finished watching the seventh session, complete the assignment by answering this question on Facebook Live: What will you do to remind yourself to eat every three hours? After creating your video, share it with the Dr. Wayne Andersen Facebook page through Messenger.