Ideas from the Community: New Healthy Hobbies

07.02.21 |

Last week, I shared some ideas for new healthy outdoor hobbies as well as some safety tips (and you can catch up on that blog here), so I asked our community if they had ideas or suggestions of their own to share.

We got so many that I had to share some of them!

The full thread is in our Facebook Group, and it’s full of wonderful people sharing great stories and suggestions, which means I unfortunately can’t share all of them here. You should go read the full post when you can. In the meantime, here are some highlights that might give you an idea of how to start a new healthy activity:

  1. Get on the water!

Enjoying the beauty of nature from the water was a big theme. I have been in love with sailing since I was a boy watching boats come into the harbor, so I share this passion. But you don’t need a sailboat. You could paddleboard, kayak, whitewater raft, or even water ski!

  1. Exploring nature or building your own oasis.

Hiking and gardening were two other community favorites that came up several times in this discussion. The incredible part about hiking is that it’s available to all skill and ability levels, so even if you are just getting started you can pick a trail that is safe and not too difficult. Gardening gets you outside regularly, and few things taste as good as a healthy recipe made from ingredients you grew yourself!

  1. Adventures with big furry friends!

Several of our members used their health to get back in the saddle, literally! Horseback riding gets you outdoors, away from screens, and can take you to exciting places. Whether you’re soaring over jumps in the arena or riding down a mountain trail, horseback riding can be a rewarding lifelong hobby or a great weekend experience.

  1. Healthy hobbies inside and outside!

Some healthy hobbies can be indoors or outdoors, and we heard some creative ideas, everything from rock climbing to archery to dancing to axe throwing. Yes, axe throwing!

  1. Where will you go?

Have the suggestions from our community given you an idea for a new hobby? If you tried something new because of your newfound health, I’d love to hear your story. If you are about to try a new activity, remember to talk to your health care provider first and to work with an experienced guide, especially if the activity takes you deep into nature or requires a brand new kind of coordination.