3 ideas for creating a healthy group dynamic

11.03.14 |

What do you do when you meet with your friends?

Last week on my Facebook page, I asked you when you last met with your healthy support network, and I received some great responses! Most of you make an effort to meet up with your network frequently, and you shared some positive experiences from these gatherings.
That’s great!

You want to keep those hook ups fun and create an atmosphere where you can talk about your health and work on your health goals in a friendly, positive manner.

To make sure you maintain a enjoyable relationship with your network, try one of these three ideas for your next meet-up.

 1. Go for a walk

This is the No. 1 easiest activity to perform with your support network.

Call up your group, schedule a safe place to walk, and hit the road! While you walk, talk about anything happening in your life and catch up. Discuss your health goals, and talk about any tips or tricks you’ve picked up during your journey toward optimal health.
When you walk with your support network, you’ll build healthy fibers–both mentally and physically–making this a perfect way to spend a gathering with your friends in health.

2. Grab a coffee or lunch

A few of you on my Facebook page posted pictures of mornings spent with your health coaches over coffee, and that’s fantastic!

Meeting in a public place for an early-morning coffee or an afternoon lunch provides the perfect opportunity to relax and chat about everything that happening in your life with your support network.

If you go out for lunch, it could also allow you to talk about specific dietary decisions you’ve been making. As you go over the menu, talk about the different choices and decide on a health-friendly meal. When you have your support network with you, you’re less likely to cheat or to splurge, and you’ll be able to bounce recipe ideas off one another for the future.

If you’ve never tried it yet, schedule a coffee or lunch date with your support network. I think you’ll find it incredibly beneficial for you now and into the future.

3. Take up a sport

Schedule a time to play tennis, racquetball, basketball, or another sport with your support network!

While walking is a wonderful form of exercise, sometimes you might crave a little more excitement in your physical activity. Playing a sport takes care of that desire and maintains the social benefits of chatting over a leisurely stroll.

While you will not be able to discuss a new in-home workout routine while driving to the hoop, you can play a friendly pick-up game of basketball and then converse while you cool down afterwards.

With sports, you can find another common ground with your support network, giving you more to talk about and more to do together in the future.

Which of these activities do you like to do with your support network? Do you enjoy anything else that I missed?