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Meet Dr. A

Dr. A is a New York Times bestselling author and the tenth physician in the world to be board-certified in critical care. When he saw that traditional medicine was failing to truly help patients change their lives, he left critical care to co-found OPTAVIA and to develop his groundbreaking system, Dr. A’s Habits of Health. 

Since then, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people change the trajectory of their lives and continues to lead a community of compassionate health advocates who believe that the Habits of Health can change the world.

Your LifeBook

Designed to be used independently or as a companion to Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Your LifeBook is part journal and part personal walkthrough, offering clear, specific steps to move forward on your journey. 

Your LifeBook:

  • Provides lightweight daily and weekly tasks for better health.
  • Offers space for self-discovery and introspection.
  • Guides you in developing better habits.
  • Gives you tools to track your progress.

Download Your LifeBook preview.

Review the Elements

Your LifeBook guides you through 26 elements of radiant health so that you can enjoy a long, full life. 

You can access these elements at any time through Your LifeBook or through the OPTAVIA YouTube channel. Bookmark the link or subscribe to the OPTAVIA YouTube channel so that you never miss an update!

Your Next Step

Once you have Your LifeBook preview, download the Habits of Health app to assist in developing positive lifelong habits for radiant health.


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