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The Habits of Health Transformational System is a collection of resources by Dr. A, a board-certified physician and New York Times best-selling author. 

  • Dr. A’s Habits of Health – Dr. A’s Habits of Health is a comprehensive guide to weight loss and radiant wellbeing using the latest research on diet, exercise, and mental wellness.
  • Your LifeBook – Designed to be used independently or in conjunction with Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Your LifeBook is an interactive journal and workbook designed to assist you in achieving your health goals.
  • Stop. Challenge. Choose. – This free e-book contains Dr. A’s latest strategies on creating behavioral changes to transform habits of disease into habits of health. 
  • Identity – Developed by Dr. A and structural dynamics expert Robert Fritz, Identity teaches readers how to become the dominant forces in their own lives.

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