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Health Assessment Quiz

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  • This is an important moment for you

    This valuable information will provide a reality check of where your daily actions are taking you in terms of your health and wellbeing. It is an important exercise that will require your full focus, away from noise, interruptions, cell phones and other distractions. Its accuracy will be completely dependent on answering each question as truthfully as possible, basing your response on your most current and consistent behavior - what you are doing now, not last week or last month, or last year.

    Before you begin, look at the chart below. It depicts the health continuum, from sick to non-sick, to optimal health and beyond. The lower your score, the healthier you are. Look at the chart and write down what score most accurately represents what you believe is the state of your health right now. For reference, most people find themselves somewhere in the unhealthy range of scores, in the non-sick zone between sick and optimal health.

    Alright, lets start your evaluation and find out how well you guessed.