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The Habits of Health System provides an abundance of useful resources to help you achieve and maintain optimal weight, hydration, movement, sleep, and mind. We recommend bookmarking this page in your browser for future reference. 

Health Assessment

Designed to be taken at any time in your health journey, our Habits of Health Assessment delivers a snapshot of your overall health.

The Habits of Health Assessment

Habits of Health Videos

The Habits of Health videos guide you on the path to better health. 

Dr. A’s YouTube Channel

Habits of Healthy Motion Exercise Videos 

Habits of Health Success Stories

Discover how ordinary people discovered they were capable of extraordinary change. 

Inspiring Stories

For Independent OPTAVIA Coaches

Our resources for independent OPTAVIA coaches help them better communicate the Habits of Health Transformational System with clients.

Shareable Content for Independent OPTAVIA Coaches

Habits of Healthy Weight Resources

Our Habits of Health Weight resources guide you on achieving a healthier weight on two fronts: with your health provider and at the grocery store. 

Glycemic Charts (106.49 KB, pdf) 

Grocery List (78.40 KB, pdf) 

Healthcare Provider Information Sheet (100.48 KB, pdf) 

Shopping Charts (100.91 KB, pdf) 

Habits of Healthy Eating and Hydration Resources

Our resources for healthy eating and hydration ensure your body is properly fuelled at all times.

Calorie Restriction Guide (74.24 KB, pdf) 

Fiber and Gut Health (70.76 KB, pdf) 

Glycemic Charts (106.49 KB, pdf) 

Grocery List (78.40 KB, pdf) 

Habits of Health Clock (146.96 KB, pdf) 

Phytonutrient Guide (41.73 KB, pdf) 

Shopping Charts (100.91 KB, pdf) 

Supplement and Omega3 Guide (123.63 KB, pdf) 

Two Week Meal Plan (314.54 KB, pdf) 

Wine Guide (123.10 KB, pdf) 

Habits of Healthy Motion Resources

Discover a smarter, more effective path to exercise with our Habits of Healthy Motion resources. 

Daily NEAT Activity Log (45.93 KB, pdf) 

EAT Log Sheets (63.99 KB, pdf) 

EAT Walking Program Daily Tracking Sheet (44.53 KB, pdf) 

NEAT Full Guide (415.47 KB, pdf) 

NEAT System (342.12 KB, pdf) 

TEE Calculation (43.90 KB, pdf) 

Ultrahealth Version of EAT (249.83 KB, pdf) 

Habits of Healthy Sleep Resources

Healthy sleep is essential for greater health. Leverage our resources for better sleep.

Energy Level Chart (48.94 KB, pdf) 

Sleep Log (42.70 KB, pdf) 

Twilight Hour Chart (50.53 KB, pdf) 

Habits of Healthy Mind Resources

Learn how to monitor and control your emotions with our Health Mind Resources.

Emotion Chart (64.96 KB, pdf) 

Progressive Relaxation (41.64 KB, pdf) 

Simple Relaxation (69.51 KB, pdf) 


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