4 Habits of Healthy Motion You Might Be Missing

04.08.21 |

In the Habits of Health Transformational System, our approach to motion is much different from what fitness gurus typically recommend. If you have watched late-night television, you know exactly what I mean. There is always a secret new exercise machine or intense exercise program that is suddenly better than everything else, and if you just sweat hard enough, you’ll have the health you always dreamed of.

Scheduled exercise time matters. That hour in the gym or the hour you spend with your home exercise equipment are important parts of your journey, but if we are only in motion 5 hours a week (5 gym visits, 1 hour each), that leaves a huge amount of time in the week where we are sedentary.

That’s why, in our System, we integrate motion into your daily life. You might not be curling a dumbbell, but you’re still burning calories and unlocking the benefits of being regularly active.

Here are four places you can add more activity to your day:

  1. Stand up! The side effects of long periods of sitting has been compared to the consequences of smoking. If you work at a desk, make sure you get up and move every hour and transition.
  2. Move while you watch. Just because you are watching television or a movie does not mean you have to sit still. Use this time to stretch or to do some light yoga.
  3. Build a new micro Habit of Health. Can you do one push-up a day or one squat per day? Adding an extra repetition to your daily routine can burn a lot of calories in the long-term.
  4. Add steps. Your daily goal of 10,000 steps can be broken into smaller pieces. Walk to the water cooler. Take the stairs. Every extra step counts.

All of these recommendations are intentionally designed to be non-disruptive. You don’t need to change into workout clothes and brace yourself for a grueling workout to build these habits. They can fit comfortably into your daily routine without significant or difficult changes.

When your day is filled with Habits of Healthy Motion, you burn more calories and unlock several health benefits. You might feel yourself having more energy, feeling less stressed, and being more present in your day.

Where do you add motion to your day? We’d love to hear your story!