5 healthy thanksgiving tips

11.19.15 |

For those of us on a journey toward Optimal Health, the approach of the holiday season presents a mixed batch of emotions.

On the one hand, the opportunity to gather family and friends to reconnect and create new memories is something to be excited about. On the other, the holidays are packed with food and drink, with temptations to overindulge around every corner.

Simple steps to help you enjoy the season

Don’t fear the holidays! You should be able to enjoy Thanksgiving like everyone else and stay true to your health goals. The key is to enter this potential challenge with a plan.

Take these steps:

  • Talk to your health coach. With your health coach and the Optimal Health community behind you, you don’t have to tackle any health challenge alone. Talk to the people in your health bubble about their strategies and tips for having a healthy holiday, and reach out to them if you ever feel overwhelmed.
  • Use the buddy system. Making the healthy choice is always easier when you have support. Ask a trusted friend or family member who will be with you during the holiday to hold you accountable. When you know someone is watching and rooting for you, choosing the right path will not be as difficult.
  • Eat ahead of time. Just like you shouldn’t shop hungry, you shouldn’t enter a holiday event with an empty stomach. Eat healthy before you leave to suppress and control your appetite around tempting foods.
  • Drink water. Not only should you drink water to avoid high-calorie beverages, but keeping your water close by can help you to overcome cravings. Feeling tempted? Take a slow drink of water. In most cases, this brief pause combined with the intake of water will satiate your desire for something unhealthy.
  • Stop. Challenge. Choose. This process has become a cornerstone of the Habits of Health. Pause when you recognize a difficult choice. Challenge yourself to make the choice that supports your goals. Then make that choice. I put together an e-book on this topic, and it’s free.

Focus on the positive! The holidays are a beautiful time of year. With these tips, you can plan ahead and spend your time enjoying moments with the people you love rather than battling temptations. I believe you, and the Optimal Health community is behind you all the way.