Thank you to the Optimal Health Community

02.24.16 |

The Optimal Health community continues to amaze me. When I published Dr. A’s Habits of Health in 2008, I dreamed of a bionetwork where people supported each other, offering encouragement and insight to other members to move everyone forward.

Today, that community is alive and thriving.

Last week, I challenged the community to think of someone that has helped them create Habits of Health, and the response was overwhelming.

Here are a handful of the responses.

If you follow the Habits of Health philosophy, you have likely heard me talk about the importance of building your own health bubble, which means building an environment of people and things that makes the journey toward Optimal Health less daunting and more enjoyable. The Optimal Health community is an online extension of that bubble, meaning that if you ever feel tempted or down on yourself, you can retreat into the community to hear from likeminded people like you.

No matter where you are, if you can go online, you are never farther than a few clicks away from thousands of people that understand the challenges you face and want to see you succeed. These great folks all have their own stories, and their varied experiences with creating health can help you to feel less alone. When I asked the community to share some of their favorite quotes, the range of responses highlighted just how diverse those perspectives can be.

Some quotes talked about overcoming challenges while others talked about self-empowerment.

I couldn’t ask for a better community, and I am incredibly thankful for everyone that takes time out of their day to share their stories and to help others. If you are one of these people, keep it up! You’re paying it forward in a big way! If you haven’t connected with the Optimal Health community, head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation. We’d love to have you.