Enjoy the Summertime with these 3 tips

07.07.14 |

When was the last time you enjoyed the summer sun with a friend?

For many of us, the answer is too long (if you can remember at all). With summer in full bloom, there’s no better time than now to pick up the phone, call a friend, and allot a chunk of time for some fun in the sun.

Enjoying a recreational activity with a friend is a great way to maintain healthy social relationships while also toning your body and creating health in your life. If you need some direction or if you are unsure what to try for your first trip out with a buddy, consider these three outdoor activities guaranteed to be a hit for your friends and you.

When outdoors, always remember to wear sunscreen with an adequate SPF rating (15 or 30 and up), drink lots of water, and wear clothes that keep you cool and allow heat to escape. These precautions will keep you safe and allow you to maximize the fun you have with your friends!

1. Take a Hike (literally)!

Nature is beautiful, and you barely even notice you’re exercising while hiking.

When you take a stroll with a friend on a scenic trail or a mountain path, you become immersed in a world far detached from the hustle-and-bustle, busy lifestyle you may lead at home. This will ease your mind and alleviate stresses in your life, and chatting with a friend will only exaggerate these effects.
Besides the mental benefit, hiking provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, and it will tone your legs and core as you climb hills and traverse narrow pathways. Also, hikes are generally long (one hour or more) affairs, so the sustained activity level will benefit your overall health in remarkable ways. You’ll feel refreshed and energized, and you’ll look forward to the next time somebody tells you to take a hike!

2. Dust off the Bike and Hit the Trails

Biking is a phenomenal full-body workout that offers a tremendous challenge and reward, and it’s great to bike with a friend for a variety of reasons.

First, accidents happen while biking, and even with proper safety equipment, having a buddy around to help out if needed will ease your mind and prevent any unnecessary injuries.

On top of this, biking with a friend creates a friendly competition. If you see your friend in front of you pedaling out the last few strides of a tough hill, you’re probably going to dig deep and gut them out, too!
While biking can be taxing physically, start out on flatter terrain and work your way up to local trails with inclines and rugged terrain. You and your friends will love the new hobby!

3. Get Ready for Wimbledon!

Okay, so maybe you don’t have professional tennis aspirations. That’s fine!

Tennis is built for two (or four) players at a time, making it the perfect outdoor activity for you and your friends. This sport also has the added benefit of easily manageable, varying levels of intensity. If you’re just starting out, you can take it slow with your friend and gently volley the ball back and forth, cranking up the intensity as you become more comfortable with the motions and techniques.

Once you’re both ready to go, however, tennis can become a rigorous workout hidden beneath the veil of good-spirited competition. Like with hiking, you may not even notice just how much of a workout tennis offers because of how fun and engaging it can be.

What do you think of these activities? Do you like hiking, biking, or playing tennis?

Reach for the phone, dial a friend, and give them a try!