Catch the wave to a healthy America

09.03.11 |


Our great nation is experiencing one of the worse epidemics in our history which is literally attacking our entire population.  Some researchers are predicting universal obesity in the not do distant future, if we continue our current trends.
Since I left my position as a critical care physician now almost 10 years ago, my focus has gone from asking how can I treat disease to, how can I help create optimal health for my patients and clients.  In fact, everyday I get up and ask what more can we do to help people living in this obesegenic world create long term health for them-self and those they care about.
We have come a long way and I am proud that we are creating a community of like minded people who are reaching a healthy weight and over time optimal health.  And those that become role models and coach others are strengthening their own journey to optimal health.  And although that community is growing and being fueled by our coaches who are teaching a simple, affordable system that can help everyone, we have helped only a million or so of our 311 million Americans who need a new blueprint to protect them from this epidemic.
As a result over the next several weeks, we will be rolling out a campaign to create a healthy America and then help the rest of the world.  Please join me and make the decision to create health for yourself and for those you care about and then reach out to help others.  Our goal is to eradicate obesity in our lifetime and create health as a priority for all Americans.
So please, “Catch the Wave to a Healthy America” and help us inform all Americans that there is a better way!