Celebrating a Conscious Christmas

12.21.21 |

Dr. A’s Habits of Health Transformational System is grounded in the practical realities of how our brains operate and learn. We know that much of our day is automatic, driven by habits that we’ve formed over years of repetition. To create health, to change the path of our stories, we often have to reprogram these habits, turning them from Habits of Disease into Habits of Health.

In other words, we learn to think differently about the world around us, and by understanding the mechanics of how we learn and how we can change, we unlock a new kind of superpower inside of ourselves. That automatic, mindless march of television and sodas becomes a life full of deliberate choices, where we recognize what we want to achieve and how to make the choices that will take us there.

Rising to new levels of consciousness is part of the Habits of Health journey that begins on the first day with learning to build mindfulness.

Like any skill, though, this takes practice.

As you develop emotional coherence or mastery, you are adding the keystone on which all adult psychological maturity is based. This skillset puts you firmly in the driving seat of your life. It puts you in control and really sets the stage for all future growth. Your level of awareness and self-awareness will continue to expand as you become a higher version of yourself.

Most of us settle in at a rather fixed level of awareness and maturity – which is where most health journeys begin – because it was all our world was asking of us 30 years ago. It’s because everything is changing so rapidly that the need to progress our awareness and advance our level of consciousness has never been more important.

I highlight consciousness today because we are about to dive into the holiday season, a time when many members of our community feel pressured and challenged by family members and by the temptations of snacks and sweets. It can be an emotionally taxing season, and the worry of these impending moments at the family dinner table can create stress and anxiety.

But you are different this year. If you have taken even one step forward in your journey, you have begun to change your consciousness. You can more clearly see your goals and the choices you need to make to achieve them.

That means that even if you struggled last year, you can think of this as a new page. Don’t let the feelings of the past, the ones where you felt hopeless and powerful, take away the power that you have today. This is your story, and you’re holding the pen. You can write any story you want.

If you’d like to learn more about consciousness, flip to page 482 in Your LifeBook. You can also join us for the monthly Conscious Leadership Forum by signing up here.

I can’t wait to read your stories of triumph next week!