Today, you are going to make your environment weight-loss ready.

The Kitchen Makeover

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Portion control is important, and you can start by using a nine-inch plate to control your intake. For example, on a nine-inch plate, 50% of the plate should be taken up by vegetables and fruits, 25% by protein, and 25% by starches. Here are some other tips for controlling your portions:

And here’s a kitchen checklist to make sure that you have the essentials:

 Refrigerator and Cupboard Makeover

Make it easy to avoid high-calorie, high-fat meals and snacks by getting rid of the following:

And before you reach for a handful of Oreos, do not use this exercise as a last chance to eat all of your unhealthy food. Instead, give foods away to your neighbor or food bank. Once you get to your healthy weight, you can have an occasional Oreo if you want it.
Now restock your fridge and cupboards with these:

If other members of your household are not working to achieve optimal health, you may need to claim a cupboard for yourself. Better yet, challenge them to put an end to their unhealthy eating habits!

Healthy Snacks

Replace high-calorie foods like peanuts and chips with fresh green vegetables and fruits (if your eating plan permits fruit). Here are some great low-calorie snacks:
Asparagus (1/2 cup = 18 cal, 3 carbs)
Broccoli (1 cup = 44 cal, 8 carbs)
Sugar-free Jello (1 snack cup = 10 cal, 0 carbs)
Cauliflower (2 oz = 12 cal, 2 carbs)
Celery (1 stalk = 6 cal, 1 carb)
Dill pickle (1 = 4 cal, 1 carb)
Radishes (1 oz = 8 cal, 2 carbs)
Spinach (1 cup = 6 cal, 1 carb)
Bouillon (1 cup = 10 cal, 1 carb)
Cucumber (1 cup = 15 cal, 3 carbs)
Lettuce (1 cup = 2 cal, 0 carbs)
Spinach (1 cup = 6 cal, 1 carb)
And remember, before you grab something to eat, make sure you’re actually hungry and not just thirsty. Around 30 percent of the time, thirst is disguised as hunger, so try drinking a big glass of water and waiting ten minutes. You may not need that snack after all!

Bedroom Makeoverday32post

Studies show that sleep is key not just to our overall health, but to our ability to lose and maintain weight. That’s why it’s so important to get at least seven hours of sleep every night (eight for men). Design your bedroom for relaxation by using relaxing scents and light, calming colors like peach, yellow, or lavender. Stay away from late-night TV and read a motivational book instead, or write out your affirmations in your journal. Get rid of clutter in your bedroom and closets, and take any clothes that are too big for you to a consignment shop—and never look back!

Your New Home

We covered a lot of changes today. Do your best to complete as much of the makeover as you can today. Suggestions like repainting your kitchen may take some time, but they make a big difference. You may also find it helpful to print this lesson out and hang a copy of it somewhere prominent for reference later.
Tomorrow, we’ll work on your journal and discuss strategies for beating your cravings.
In health,

Day 32: Home Makeover

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