Identify Nutritional Pollution

Go through the list of everything you ate yesterday and tabulate your nutritional quality score as follows: beginning at zero, if the label doesn’t list one of the four components listed below in the first four ingredients, add 1 to your score. If one of the four components is listed as one of the first four ingredients, subtract 1 from your score. Those ingredients are:

  1. High glycemic (e.g., high-fructose corn syrup)
  2. High fat
  3. High in salt
  4. High in chemicals

Calculate your rating based on the following chart:

Obesigneic Vs. Leptogenic Choices

You may not give much thought to your daily activities and the choices you make, but by becoming aware of obesigenic choices (things that make you obese) and leptogenic choices (things that make you thin), you can begin to bring health and control into your help. On the chart below, mark the choices that you make regularly and note whether it is a Habit of Health (+) or a Habit of Disease (-).

_ Eating a substantial breakfast every morning (+)
_ Having three meals a day (-)
_ Using the stairs when possible (+)
_ Having only coffee or orange juice for breakfast (-)
_ Parking far away from the store and walking (+)
_ Watching TV after 10:00 p.m. nightly (-)
_ Taking a short power nap (5) minutes when tired (+)
_ Taking a nap in the afternoon (-)
_ Exercising 5-7 days weekly (+)
_ Eating more pasta and rice (-)
_ Enjoying eating out at least 4-5 times weekly (-)
_ Choosing a salad with chicken instead of a hamburger (+)
_ Getting 4 hours of sleep (-)
_ Getting 7-8 hours of sleep (+)
_ Eating fish at least 2-3 times a week (+)
_ Finishing your meal with dessert (-)
_ Eating more fruits and vegetables (+)
_ Drinking more caffeinated drinks (-)
_ Drinking more diet soda than water (-)
_ Keeping a journal (+)
_ Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day (+)
_ Choosing healthy-minded friends (+)
_ Eating lots of protein in the form of meat (+)
_ Having a midday candy bar to get you through till dinner (-)
_ Wearing a pedometer daily and tracking your steps (+)
_ Monitoring your weight weekly (+)
_ Planning ahead for your body’s daily fuel (+)
_ Wearing clothes with elastic waistbands (-)
_ Choosing potato chips for a snack (-)
_ Eating 5-6 small, low-fat meals daily (+)

As you’re taking the stairs today, think about the results of this self-study. This is our baseline, and overtime, we will eliminate the Habits of Disease and adopt more Habits of Health, which will not only help you lose weight but will improve your overall health and life outlook.
We’re off to a great start.
In health,


Exercise: Obesigenic vs. Leptogenic

11.17.12 |