Get Back to Simple: Habits of Healthy Fuelings

10.14.21 |

One criticism of current diet advice is that it really doesn’t help people distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices.

One group is vilifying sugar and another is saying that high fat is the problem. The advice doesn’t consistently discourage the consumption of red meats high in saturated fats or encourage the use of health-enhancing oils. It gives equal classification to energy-giving whole-grain products and the health-robbing refined grains found in many processed foods.

It’s all very confusing.

The Habits of Health, however, teach you to replace processed foods with healthy foods that have a powerful healing effect on your body. By choosing healthy foods from our designated color-coded system (flip to page 238 for more), you have a simple way to choose the healthiest options, allowing you to tap into the natural ability of nutrient-dense foods to actually improve the health of your cells.

This puts you in an ideal state to shed excess weight while moving you from non-sickness to optimal health.

The Habits of Health have always been designed with simplicity in mind. Instead of bogging you down with a litany of rules and choices, we recommend pre-made, medically formulated meals so that you can easily practice portion control while slowly learning to cook healthy meals for yourself. By the time you reach a healthy weight, you’ve learned to shop healthy and cook healthy.

That’s a much easier path than upending every aspect of your life overnight — starting an extreme exercise routine, shopping for different kinds of foods, cooking every meal with new ingredients and new portions. Yet, this is the advice many of us have heard for most of our lives, so beyond being difficult, it’s frustrating and demoralizing as well.

So, make it simple. Don’t worry about becoming a nutritionist or a health expert. Follow our shopping guides. Use our easy portion guides. Lean on pre-made meals to make getting started less difficult.

As soon as your journey starts to feel complicated or overwhelming, pause. Back up. Slow down. Revisit Dr. A’s Habits of Health. Talk to your coach. You have tools, support, and a community of people who are all built to keep this simple.

Let the system work for you!