Now that summer is over and the fall is upon us, many people that I am speaking with have had enough of the over indulgence of summer and ready to get their health back. If you are one of those TSFL clients who took a break for a vacation, birthday which stretched out over weeks, or the whole summer, It is OK. It is time to kick it back into gear and leave this 2013 year a better, healthier, younger feeling YOU!
Just so you know… it can be hard to stick with the program after a break if you don’t recalculate where you are right now.  So many times people think they will just get started like they did before and find they don’t have the same motivation as they did.  The reason may be because they are in a different place.  They still have some of their weight off, people still tell them they look good, etc… Yesterday is yesterday and today is today!  Before getting re-started, you should write out where your current reality is, and then write down your goal. Your new goal. Now there should be some tension between where you are and where you want to go…this will give you the intrinsic motivation that will help you to stick to your program, no matter what.  Next, write out all the actions you will need to do in order to reach your goal.  Decide that you will do these actions no matter what happens.  Please get Dr. A’s workbook and book “Dr. A’s Habits of Health (go to shop now on your TSFL webpage). Get the Habits of Health system if you don’t have it!!! The first 7 lessons in the workbook which cover the first 5 chapters of the book will get you geared up for success! So get on with it; call your Health Coach, and get it done! Good Luck! Lori

Hard to get back on….

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