If you are going off the program nightly, then you are not in the fat burning state.  Being in a fat burning state is very important because…

  1. You are burning fat (which is what we want to target in on),
  2. You will have lots of energy because fat is a high source of energy, and
  3. You will NOT be hungry.

You will find that once you are burning fat, you do not crave carbs and are not hungry.  What I suggest is that you First write down the reasons why you are Taking Shape…do not say it is to lose weight, that is not your goal.  Your goal may be to have more energy, live longer, feel better, get into great shape…your true goal is what you want to think about.  I highly suggest that you invest in Dr. A’s Habits of Health book and companion guide to help you get the success you deserve. Next, you need to decide how important it is to you and what you are willing to do (secondary choices) to reach your goal (for example: no alcohol, no desserts, stick with program, start walking daily, etc…)  Make Sure you pick a time that you can focus and start this program right and stick with it, and I promise that you will not be hungry at night, you will not fall off, a donut will not tempt you!  It sounds too good to be true, but you can do anything you set your mind to! (You already know that!) J .
Great Tips: Change the evening activity that you usually do…if you normally watch TV after dinner, go outside and take a walk or play a match of tennis, garden…just change up the old routine.  Go to bed earlier and tape your shows to watch at a completely different time, like Saturday morning.  Brush your teeth after your last Medifast product and call it a night.  Remember, if you are on the five and one then your program probably looks something like this… (this is actually my schedule)
6:30am Up
7:00am Shake or Oatmeal
10:00am Bar with a cup of coffee
12:30n Soup with celery stalk
3:30pm Shake
6:30pm Lean and Green dinner
9:00pm Pudding or Cappuccino
10:30pm Sleep
You should be eating every 2.5-3 hours while you are awake. Drink plenty of water.  If you feel you need to eat more often, you can move your products a little closer together (6 and 1) for the first few days and… by day 4 you should be kicked into fat burning.
I know you can do it!!

Having trouble sticking with the program at night?

10.22.10 |