Health is an Act of Creation

01.28.22 |

In Dr. A’s Habits of Health Transformational System, we often talk about the idea of “creating” health. That word is chosen carefully.

How do people usually talk about health?

They use phrases like “get healthy” or “lose weight.” When you talk about health this way, it makes it sound like something you keep in your pocket or can put on a shelf. Health is not an object that you can buy. You don’t pick it up and put it down.

Health is something that you create. It’s a story that you are writing each day with your choices. You can’t go back and change what has been written, but you have the limitless potential of blank pages ahead of you. What kind of story do you want to live?

Writing is an act of creation. A book is a simple collection of words. Any single word by itself is not remarkable, but when they are strung together in the right way, they can become something magical. Our daily choices are like the words of a book. One choice by itself seems inconsequential, but you’re writing 100s of words a day and may not even realize it.

So take back control of the pen. Harness the power of those small choices to fill your next pages with something more meaningful and something you will be proud of.

What kind of story will you create?