Healthy Easter tips from the Optimal Health Community

04.02.15 |

The Easter Holiday is upon us, and baskets full of chocolate and other sugary treats are popping up on office desks and in homes everywhere.

As it is with most holidays, celebrating time with family and friends is intertwined with gobs and gobs of unhealthy eating. For those of us on the Optimal Health journey, however, every holiday can feel like a Habits of Disease minefield. Well-meaning family members offer us plates of treats, and friends insist that we come out for drinks.

Holidays can be joyous and healthy. My family and I have been doing it for years, and we treasure our time together. It can take practice, which is what I wanted to write about today. I don’t need to, though, because the Optimal Health Community has already been sharing their tips and tactics for having a healthy Easter.

People like You

Sue clearly understands the value of surrounding herself with a healthy environment. By taking charge of the meal, she can preemptively eliminate the temptations that often come with a big holiday meal. It’s a smart strategy, and other family members will likely appreciate that Sue saved them the trouble of having to take on the responsibility of Easter dinner themselves.


It sounds like Jessica does not have the option to create the meal herself, and many of you are probably in this same situation. By sticking to the science of multiple fuelings, Jessica will be able to control her appetite and avoid binge-eating. Also, with a cup of water handy, she can avoid sugary drinks and take sips to squash unexpected cravings.

Ashley echoes the theme of planning ahead and cooking healthy, but I wanted to highlight her emphasis on the reason for the season. In a way, she is practicing mindfulness by reminding herself to be aware of why she is celebrating so that she can align her choices appropriately. She also recognizes that she is a leader in her own way, resolving to be a positive influence in the lives of the people around her.

Wendy, like Ashley, recognizes the value of positive influences and is making a conscious effort to immerse herself in her support network. With champions of health around her, making healthy choices will be easier and feel more natural, and she’ll have a few shoulders to lean on if she is faced with a difficult temptation.

Kimberly is separating celebration from eating altogether, focusing exclusively on what makes holidays special: family. Choosing an activity over a big meal can make the Easter just as memorable, and these new memories might even come with the bonus benefit of healthy activity.

Your Easter Holiday

As you go into your Easter holiday, take these words to heart. All of the people I highlighted here are not so different from you. They have recognized a need for Optimal Health in their lives, and they are working to achieve their goals one Habit of Health at a time. They have encountered challenges, and sometimes they have stumbled, but they continue to learn. They are planning ahead and working to build the kind of healthy life they have always dreamed of.

You can do it too.
Happy Easter!