Holiday preparations for health

12.06.13 |

This is a time for holidays!

We are going into the end of 2013 and with it comes the month of December!

We will be preparing for holidays by decorating, shopping, planning meals and parties, attending parties and family get togethers.

This is also a time of emotions! We may experience stress, anxiety, happiness, sadness, grief, joy, thanksgiving and many more. This busy time, with all its mixed emotions, can lead to a sense helplessness, lack of control and being overwhelmed.

Many of us may think that focusing on our health at this time is difficult. Many of us may revert back to the habits of just “getting by” and forgetting about our eating plans.

Tips to help

Just think of the Habits of Health!

  • Work closely with your Health Coach. Contact them at least once a week.
  • Get clear on what you want: read chapter 4 in “Dr A’s Habits of Health” and complete lessons 6 & 7 in “Living a Longer, Healthier Life.”
  • Get adequate sleep: read chapter 17 in “Dr A’s Habits of Health” and complete lesson 13 in “Living A Longer, Healthier Life.”
  • Schedule your time: before you go to sleep each night, make a list of things to do for tomorrow. Don’t forget to schedule some quiet time for yourself, even if it is just a 15 minute walk or reading time! Also, get some exercise time in. Again, it can be as simple as a 15 or 30 minute walk.
  • Be aware of your financial budget and stick to it.
  • Decrease stress and your exposure to disease: practice good health hygiene such as good hand washing and being aware of people around you. Try to decrease your exposure to sick people!

Weight Loss During This Time

You have 3 possible ways of dealing with your weight goals during this busy time.

  1. Stay on program. Whether on the 5 & 1 weight loss program, transition or maintenance, follow the outlined protocols. This can bring a sense of control to you during this sometimes busy, chaotic time. If you are on the 5 & 1 weight loss phase, you will continue fat burning. This can enable you to have increased energy, positive weight loss results, and level blood sugars and hormone levels through the holidays!
  2. Decide to drop out of fat burn and use a 3 & 3 program, more of a maintenance program. This can help prevent binge eating and major weight gain. You may lose the increased energy of fat burn, but if you are eating healthy choices and portions every 2-3 hours and getting adequate nutrition as well as sleep, you should have enough energy to get through your schedule. Remember, if you have any weight loss, it will be slow. (Read chapters 8, 9, & 10 in “Dr A’s Habits of Health” and do Lesson 9 in “Living a Longer, Healthier Life.”)
  3. Practice “no control, no focus”: you will most likely experience weight gain and many other symptoms of an un-healthy eating plan. Most likely you will have decrease energy and feelings of lethargy or tiredness. If prone, you may experience headaches and may have stomach discomfort. Your body will be exposed to greater stress and inflammation. Your blood sugar levels may have major swings. You will not be in a fat burning state.

There are unwanted effects from repeated going on & off of the 5 & 1. When you begin the 5 & 1 weight loss program, you will take in 800 to 1000 calories per day. This is not enough for your body to function properly. Your body will adjust by burning its fat and making up the difference in calories. This leads to fat burning and all the benefits that come with it; increased energy and weight loss. If you repeatedly start & stop the 5 & 1, your body may never get into the fat burning state, therefore it constantly has to function in calorie deprivation. This state of calorie deprivation will slow down your weight loss as well as add extra stress on your body and increase inflammation within your system. This will most likely slow down your metabolism. Also, it sets you up to be less successful when you do finally decide to stick to the 5 & 1. (such as on January 2nd)