Don’t you just love the name of our upcoming holiday? INDEPENDENCE DAY!  Wow!  I know this holiday is to celebrate the declaration of freedom of the United States of America from the British rule. But I would like to suggest another focus on this day. How about your very own Independence Day.
Independence from:

Let this be the holiday that you take control of your own destiny. You take control of your life. You make the choice to embrace Optimal Health. You make the decision to assume responsibility for your health, your state of mind and your finances. You make the commitment to discover and embrace Optimal Health!
Now that is something worth working for!
Now that your focus is on what you want, let’s talk about tips to help you on your journey. Holidays such as this often involve family get togethers, picnics, and outdoor activities. This may cause stress and concern and can cause break downs in our otherwise healthy Take Shape For Life plan. It is extremely important to be very aware and mindful that these activities and events can pack thousands of calories that we would not normally indulge in.
Here are some tips to get through this.

Independence Day!

07.01.14 |