I’ve learned how to tweak my cooking pattern

Habits of Health has helped me make permanent changes

I had been on yo-yo diets ever since I was a teenager. I had been up and down with my weight – always a challenge, that last ten or fifteen pounds. But when I read Dr. A’s book, I saw a way that I could incorporate his daily habits into my life to make permanent changes towards optimal health.

I had been up and down with my weight – always a challenge, that last 10 or 15 lb.

I had to tweak my habits quite a bit because I had been cooking kind of the wrong foods, but now I know what to cook: the healthy lean and green meals. When I go
to the grocery store, I make sure I go down the produce aisle, and I try to get organic produce. I also go for lean meats and fresh fish. I also make sure I have my proper hydration each day – that means, for me, at least eight glasses of water a day.

Cutting down on sugar

Dr. A’s book on healthy habits helped me realize that even small amounts of sugar were not very good. I pretty much cut out the sweet tea – which I used to drink a lot of – and desserts. I really did change my habits of cooking, and it has shown up in our family health pattern. I cook for our grandkids too; I do not let them have the candy that they beg for.

I have four grandchildren and one on the way, and my goals in life are to try to be as healthy as I can as I age. I do a lot of very active things with my grandkids. They’re young, and they always want me to either give them a piggyback ride or do active games with them – running down, up and down the hall or up and down the yard. I really do have it as a goal in my life to try to stay as active, fit, and healthy as possible so that I can enjoy a lot of years with my grandkids as they get older and into sports.

Changing my life on a day-to-day basis

For me, Habits of Health were a day-to-day journey, not just a diet that you go on, lose some weight, and to go back to your old eating habits. It was very important to remember that I had to change my life on a day-to-day basis, one habit at a time, and that’s what I try to do.