We’re happier because we’re able to keep the weight off

Habits of Health 10 year graduate

At 41 years old, I was not feeling very well. I was overweight and had gone to my physician and was looking at taking some medications for various things that were going on in my body. I was very unhealthy even though I was young and I looked good; I just didn’t feel very good at that point.

I was very unhealthy even though I was young and I looked good.

I was introduced to the Habits of Health and changed my habits. Over the years, they’ve become second-nature – just exercising more, eating well, sleeping better, all those things that we’re taught that we don’t put into action. I finally put them into action to work for me, and they have been great over the years.

The Habits of Health, for me, were a lifestyle change. It was more about eating better and eating every few hours instead of just really big meals and feeling tired all the time. It was about exercising, but exercise in moderation and not overdoing it. I wasn’t sleeping very well, so sleeping played an important part of my health, being more active, and doing a lot of things with the children.