We’ve learned how to be the best version of ourselves

Learning the Habits of Health have impacted me so much

I decided to get on Dr. A’s program with my husband. It was one of just many that we’ve been on, and little did we know our lives would change. In the past three years, we’ve been able to change our health completely.

My cholesterol is lower, my energy level is very different, and our lives are just completely changed.

In the past, what we’ve done is diet after diet after diet. What we know now is that diets mostly fail. What this has done for us is we now have a lifestyle change, and we’ve ingrained these healthy habits that we didn’t even really know about. Because of that, we’re able to embrace our health; we don’t feel like it’s a diet at all.

Learning the Habits of Health have impacted me so much. Dr. A has been able to enforce those habits and show us why we want to have them in our lives – everything from the amount of water that we drink, how to fuel ourselves properly, and the habits of sleep. By becoming part of this community and being exposed to Dr. A, we’ve seen what’s possible and learned how to become the highest version of ourselves.