I became the person making decisions about my own health

I've learned why I was choosing food to solve things

I had tried a multitude of different programs to lose weight. I’m pretty hypoglycemic, so every time I tried something, I didn’t feel well. It was pretty devastating when I wouldn’t be successful, and then I would beat myself up more for that and then use food to soothe myself. I kind of used food for every emotion: happy, mad, glad, sad. I didn’t need to eat when I was hungry; I was eating with every other emotion.

The reason that utilizing this program with the Habits of Health worked is because I was able to learn reasons why I was choosing food to solve things. Stop. Challenge. Choose. was my favorite because it gave me the ability to be in control of my choices and empower myself. Even if I didn’t necessarily make a good choice, I knew it was a choice I had made.

I became more awakened to actually be the person that was making the decisions about my health. In the Habits of Health, I learned about the different nutrients that help my brain function more, and then I got more interested in the science part of it, which wasn’t too high level, intriguing enough to keep reading and learning more. Prior to that, I would have never been interested. But because I was a progressively moving forward, I just became more and more hungry for knowledge in that area.

I became more awakened to actually be the person that was making the decisions about my health.

Habits of Health has changed my life

I did not realize how not taking the time to fully get a good night’s sleep created so many different outcomes that I didn’t expect in my life, like creating better emotions and patience. It’s been really fun recently to go back to that chapter and dive in. It didn’t really take altering too many things to clean that up, but the rewards were unbelievable.

When I first was introduced to the program, I had two teenage boys. I was surrounded by a family of obesity, and I really thought this was where I was supposed to go. My husband and I were trying to figure it out, but we just didn’t have the tools. It was amazing right away how the education and the tools we were using started changing our boys’ vision of nutrition and the choices that they were making.

It’s been twelve years since my husband’s parents started on the program, and they’re both eighty this year and vibrant. My father-in-law runs trampolines, and my husband tries to keep up with them. It’s a blast. It’s just really rewarding to have so many family members and generations affected by this.

Even now at Easter, we’ll have a family gathering, and we don’t even have an Easter basket anymore. Not even one piece of candy. It doesn’t even matter and no one even misses it. Before, we had the biggest Easter basket, and we were laying on the couch sleeping by mid-afternoon. It’s fun to choose activities instead of making our family time around food.

I was trying to get off some medications and lose weight. I started to actually envision what I was moving towards, and it was very interesting. It was a whole new sense of energy. I realized I could sleep better. I could go on vacation with my teenage boys and actually be engaged with them, swimming and feeling comfortable publicly with them. I even forgot where I had come from. It was more about what I wanted to create.