This is the only life you have. How you live it depends on you.

But before you choose the direction you want to go, you need to know your starting point. Start by asking yourself:
1. Is my health improving every day?
2. Are my daily habits creating health and vibrancy, or are they draining my battery and taking me further down the path toward disease?
3. Am I already in a state of non-sickness?
These questions will give you a general idea of your current health state, but on Monday, we will evaluate your current health status with a questionnaire to attach a hard number to your health, which we can reference later to measure your improvement. You may be curious as to why we waited until now to do this questionnaire, and the answer to that is simple: there is no point in testing someone if they have not been exposed to the material.
In the last two weeks, you have learned a great deal about health and about yourself. We’ve begun incorporating Habits of Health into your daily life little by little, but our focus thus far has been on your mind. Like we talked about at the beginning of the program, the key to sustainable weight loss begins with the way you think about yourself and your health. Now that you are familiar with Habits of Health and Habits of Disease, you have the tools to effectively evaluate your own health.
On Monday, you’ll use a questionnaire to determine your health score. For today, reference the health score chart and estimate where you are on the health continuum: sick (red zone), healthy (green zone) or somewhere in between in the unhealthy zone?
I trust that you’ve been taking the stairs and diligently refraining from dessert. Baby steps will still move the needle, and if you’ve held off on dessert all week, you can reward yourself with dessert tomorrow night. We will keep working on improving your diet, but you just worry about keeping up the good work for now.
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Day 12: Lesson 4: Start Where You are

01.07.13 |