Listen to Dr. A and Lori on Heart & Soul for Women of Faith

04.08.14 |

The Optimal Health movement continues to grow with more people making the choice to create health and with more thought leaders talking about how Optimal Health is making a positive change in the world.

Recently, Jory Fisher, a motivational speaker and business consultant, invited me on to her show to talk about health, our food choices, and the bigger picture of creating a lifetime of health. Jory is gifted at facilitating conversation, so we had the opportunity to explore some interesting health topics.

Jory also recognizes that just as there are many sides to a story there are many dimensions to health. To round out her discussion of health, she invited my wonderful wife and registered nurse Lori Andersen on to her show to talk about how Optimal Health also extends from the body to the mind and spirit. If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Lori, you already know that this interview had all the makings of an intriguing and informative interview.

Be on the lookout for more interviews from myself, Lori, and our network of health leaders. And don’t be afraid to share these talks within your own networks!