Mastering The Behavior Activation Threshold

02.09.24 |

Achieving your goals ultimately comes down to finding ways to sustain your progress over a long period of time. Many of us have experienced short-term progress before. We picked up a new diet or the latest exercise fad and saw big results right away. But then we started to struggle and fell back into our old habits, undoing all of our progress and then some.

Change is only truly a change if you can sustain it. Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels.

Mastering the ability to create a series of small sustainable changes in your daily choices will, over time, create long-term change. These are the small daily habits that are going to be the backbone of your new story as we build your new behaviors.

The Habits of Health Transformational System is set up to organize your new habit installation in a way that is easy. It will deliver a process that will provide a reliable, consistent way to transform your current and past behaviors to new sustainable habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

You might have seen the Habits of Health community talking about this graphic this week:

This illustration visualizes the key to sustainable change. Our daily motivation levels will always fluctuate. We are human, and it’s inevitable. So, instead of ignoring this reality, we embrace it. Your new habits should be what we call micro Habits of Health (mHoH), which are new habits that are so small you can’t possibly fail.

No matter how little motivation you have on your worst day, you can still follow through on your habit. The step you take toward your goal that day might not be a big one, but it will be a step forward nonetheless.

My favorite example for a mHoH in action is to do one push-up a day, leaning against a wall if you need to. On your most difficult day, when you have no motivation to do anything beneficial for yourself, one push-up is possible. It’s a few seconds of your time, but it’s a positive choice that maintains the momentum of your journey.

Page 76 in Your LifeBook is the start of a module on micro Habits of Health and gives you a step by step guide for transforming any of your big long-term goals into bite-sized, sustainable habits. 

Give it a read, and then dive into our community with your questions!