Overcoming obstacles to build Habits of Healthy Motion

04.18.19 |

How to build Habits of Healthy Motion

Habits of Healthy Motion are an area of wellbeing where many people have a long history of frustration. The fitness industry feels almost deliberately confusing with its never-ending stream of gadgets and gimmicks, and signing up for a gym membership can be intimidating. On top of those challenges, we might have old injuries or feel like our weight disqualifies us from most activities.

If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone. Today, we are going to work through how to build Habits of Healthy Motion if you have injuries or if you are at the early stages of your journey to a healthy weight.

Before we go any further, this is critical: Talk to your physician before beginning an exercise routine or before making a radical change in your health. Safety comes first, and your physician can help you make the safest choices based on your medical history and current health outlook.

Simple tips to help you build Habits of Healthy Motion

Once you have talked to your physician, here is how you can build Habits of Healthy Motion if you are not at your healthy weight or are managing some sort of injury:

  • Start by adding motion throughout your day. You can burn a surprisingly high number of calories per day by simply standing and walking more. Add a few dozen steps by parking farther away when you go to work and try to stand up from your desk a few times an hour. Those small additions of motion add up. If you do one pushup a day when you were doing zero before, I am proud of you because that’s a big step!
  • Go at your own pace. When you watch fitness videos or go to a gym, you might feel like you have to keep up with everyone else. That’s not true! Ease into exercise, and stop if you feel discomfort or pain. As long as you are adding a little bit more motion each day, you are on the right track. You do not need to jump to the level of a professional athlete for a workout to be good for you.
  • Talk to a physical therapist. If you have an old injury or a lingering ache, a physical therapist may be able to help you address that issue. Sometimes a simple but targeted strengthening routine can relieve pain and improve your mobility, which means that all the rest of your Habits of Healthy Motion become easier to do.
  • Try low-impact exercises. If you are struggling with joint pain, you may find more success by choosing exercises that put less pounding or pressure on your joints. Instead of running, use a bike. Instead of intense weight training, try yoga. Instead of traditional group aerobics classes, try water aerobics. You have a lot of options for motion, so look for something that is both fun and feels good for your body.
  • Get an exercise buddy. When you exercise with a friend or in a group, the support of the people around you can be motivating and encouraging. This is even better when you spend that time with people who understand the journey you are on and respect your health goals. Most communities have fitness groups like this if no one comes to mind immediately, but don’t forget that you can talk to your health coach for ideas as well.

Habits of Healthy Motion do not have to be scary, intimidating, or painful. No matter where you are starting, you have options for introducing more movement into your life. If you ever feel like you are stuck or aren’t sure what those options could be, reach out! We have a fantastic community of people who are ready to help and who have been in your shoes.