What do you do if you cheat?
Please be realistic about what you can handle… All of us start this plan determined to follow it perfectly and not fall off the wagon.  We hear a lot of great testimonies of clients who have been very successful and many of them have stuck perfectly to the plan.  So what do they do that we might not be doing?  Well, it could be a number of strategies…The main outcome is that you learn from your mistakes and vow not to get into that situation again.
Do not feel discouraged or bad about your actions or yourself…Life happens and situations “pop up” without giving us notice.  If you can have a set plan for unavoidable and surprise situations, then you will have a better chance to overcome them and not give in.  Also, use these “slip ups” as great lessons.  Think about the atmosphere that you were in and what prompted you to go off your plan.  Then, think of actions that you can do next time so that you won’t slip again!  Maybe you can drink a shake before you go, or maybe bring an appetizer or veggie to assure that there will be foods that you can eat.
To get back into the “swing of things” and get back on track, you must have a very positive “can do” attitude!  Don’t look back at the piece of Aunt Sallie’s pie you had or the glass of wine or handful of peanuts.  Look forward to your future….
What are you striving for?  To lose 20 pounds?  120 pounds?  It doesn’t really matter as long as you have made the decision to achieve it.  I’ve found that there is nothing more powerful than knowing what you want.  And I don’t mean just to say for example “I want to lose 35 pounds”, but to actually feel it!  Think how much better you will feel when you get down to your healthy weight!  What will you be able to do differently?  What are the activities you are looking forward to experiencing?  What will you be wearing?  Sit back, close your eyes and take it all in.
If you find yourself eating something that is not included with your program, don’t eat it all and then think to yourself “Well, I blew it!  Pass me the mashed potatoes… I might as well go all out!”  No! Don’t do it! Say to yourself, “whoops! I choose right now not to eat that type of food” and put it down.  Congratulate yourself for your power to control your eating.  In other words…don’t start back up in the morning.  Start immediately!
Good Luck and Remember the power of positive affirmations and self-talk! Do it daily!!!

Post Holiday Indulgence

11.30.10 |