Riding the conference wave

07.28.17 |

Last weekend was an incredible experience. Every year since we founded the organization, the momentum of our coaches and clients has grown. We see more faces. We hear new ideas. And we share in powerful stories of people who succeeded in taking control of their health and transforming every aspect of their lives, from their fitness to their careers. With health coaches working around the world to help people, these events are opportunities for us to come together, and the energy that results is exhilarating and motivating.

Then the event ends, and we go back to our homes to continue our work. Too often, that energy that we create in person fades when we go back to our usual environments. It’s kind of like how we feel compelled to go for a jog when we’re on vacation but might struggle to do that when we are in our usual routine.

A change of setting can free our minds to adopt the behaviors we’ve always wanted to adopt.

To help you keep the mindset you want, here are a few suggestions on how you can carry the momentum of last weekend into your daily life:

  • Keep a journal. Write down your reflections, observations, and favorite lessons. The act of writing down ideas helps you to retain them, and having these notes to reference later will help you to recapture the enthusiasm that might wane later on.
  • Stay in touch. When you attend events, you make friends and forge deeper bonds with your mentors. Check in with these individuals frequently. Give each other updates on your progress and ask what each other has learned or are learning. Community is a powerful tool, so do your part to grow and strengthen your own communities.
  • Set goals. Insights and energy are all great things, but what do you aim to do with them? Use what you’ve learned to set short and long-term goals for yourself. Write those goals down, and refer back to them regular to help hold yourself accountable. At the same time, map out the steps you need to take to get where you want to go.
  • Attend the next event. Some of the most valuable insights can come from adding lessons on top of previous lessons, so don’t stop at just one event. Come to the next event too, bringing your questions and your own insights to discussions and workshops. You will find yourself getting more and more out of each gathering as time progresses.