When traveling while on the Take Shape For Life program you just keep on going!
Pack with you all the bars, crunchy meals and shakes you have. Oatmeal and soups too, if you anticipate having a microwave in your hotel room or where you will be staying. Also pack some spoons and paper bowls for use in the hotel room. You can do puddings easy with these. (Most hotels have these in the continental breakfast area for use.)
When you get where you are going, or if you are driving, get a flat of bottled water… at least 16 oz.size. Keep a bottle of water with you all the time! Keep drinking all day long!
Plan the night before how you can navigate through the next day.If you need to you can have 2 smaller sized lean and green meals and 4 take shape for life meals, especially if you will be walking more than usual… ie, theme parks etc.When choosing food off the plan in times of emergency just remember 3 things… Protein, veggies and portions!  Stay away from carbs (breads, pastas, fruits & refined sugars) and fats.
At many destinations, theme parks through Disney, Universal, Six Flags,  etc. you can google and download traveler apps and they have links to all the restaurants at the parks! These work great for finding something program  lean and green friendly and ready to eat!
If you have to go off plan a bit, just keep it a BIT!! Don’t think ” Well, there are only sandwich choices for lunch… oh what the heck – I’ll super-size that and add fries and a shake too!!” If you have to go off,  make good choices.  If there is nothing else and you have to get a sandwich for lunch, get lean meat on some type of whole wheat grain bread if possible. Take off the top piece of bread or ask for a lettuce wrap instead. And lots of water. Salad, -no fries! And remember, eating carbs will only make you want more carbs… so stay away the best you can!
Keep eating 6 times per day. Keep food with you so it’s handy when it’s time to eat. Think lean and green choices. Think in terms of new habits of health.
Getting your head in the zone of health helps it become second nature to you.  Taking time each morning to quiet the mind and breathe helps you make better choices all day. Remember- on this journey, you get to create  a life style change so you will be successful long term. Use travel time to practice your new life style! If you have flight time to burn, take your habits of health books and read  from them!  Do the lessons! You won’t believe how much they help you be committed!! They provide great information and motivation! If you aren’t in the books, get in the books!
Most of all remember, food doesn’t make life pleasant.  You decide whether or not your life is pleasant regardless of what you are eating!! Choosing to eat things that support your health does help you feel physically and emotionally better, however!
Be sure and talk with your coach before you travel so they can help you come up with a fine tuned plan that will help you be successful!
Congratulations on your GREAT success!! You are making a difference in the world starting with yourself!
Have a great trip!!


06.17.14 |