Our goal with Take Shape for Life is to partner with you to help you change your lifestyle to allow for optimal health and better quality of life.  At the same time, however, we have to recognize that the influences in our lives may not be entirely positive. If you surround yourself with negative influences, you may find it difficult to make the changes you desire and to achieve your goals.
The environment you surround yourself with is very powerful in determining your habits and behaviors. This includes your work, family, friends, social life, and community. Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson, our Medical Director and  New York Times best-selling author, recently released a wonderful eBook from which most of the content for tonight’s call comes. It talks about, among other great things, the power of community support to help us create change in our lives. Throughout this eBook we can find ways and opportunities to improve our surroundings to support our transformation. Evaluating our environment is a great place to start.
Think about the places you go regularly– work, home, and where you socialize. Are you more or less likely to succumb to Habits of Diseases that are eroding your health in a particular place? How do the people around you influence the decisions you make about your health? Write down your thoughts and observations in a notebook and become more mindful over the next few days.
Start to think about the people in your life that could give you the support you need to rebuild your habits. Having a community of health is ideal for building belief and confidence, and it is also important for modeling and association.
Living within an environment that is aligned with our goals will give us the best chance of long term success. For example, many of the people we work with have reported that
they found it much easier to make the right nutritional choices when their family or friends joined the pursuit of optimal health. Before that, the lone
individual that strove to create health was surrounded by junk
food and by people who—meaning no ill will—would encourage that individual to skip workouts or to have an extra helping of dessert.
So what if you had a way to enter into a community that would totally surround you with positive support as you sojourn toward your goals of organizing you life around health and balance?
With Take Shape for Life that is exactly what you have! Many of you are aware of the community support that is offered, but some may not be, so I’d like to outline options for you here:
Weekly Support Calls
Nurses Call
Habits of Health Call
Doctor’s Support Call (The times and numbers for all these calls are listed in the back of your quick start guide, or ask your coach to give them to you! And remember all these calls are available on playback if you can’t catch them live!
Nutrition Support- email them with questions @ nutritionsupport@tsfl.com
12 Week Transformation- Stop Challenge Choose.com Where you will receive an email each day for 12 weeks from Dr. A and a copy of his eBook –
Plus your Personal Certified Optimal Health Coach – ALL FREE TO YOU!
And as if that weren’t enough, momentum is building for something very exciting starting soon! The 6 week Thin It To Win It Health Challenge! Whether you are wanting to get healthier by losing excess weight, create a healthier mind and center your life around what matters most, or you just want to sharpen your saw in maintenance, this is the place to do it! This will be a virtual social network of support to help you feel surrounded by like minded people as you move in a healthy direction–  Everyone who joins puts $22.49 into the total winners pool and you earn points by doing fun things like posting on the challenge wall (very similar to FB), or logging your exercise for the day, reading a short Habit of Health reminder for the day or watching a short webinar to help strengthen your resolve to keep moving forward! You’ll be joined by thousands of people just like you and have FUN realizing your goals!  And the best part is you can invite your friends and family to join in too! Everyone who meets the basic requirements of the challenge gets to divide up the winners pool among themselves!  So everyone can WIN!! The Fun begins September 15th! So partner with your health coach and don’t miss out!
This is our time!  We have a movement started that can really influence the world we live in for good! Let’s all partner together to create a supportive community that will empower us to move forward and create the health and life we each deserve!

Take Shape for Life

08.25.14 |