The Baltimore Sun interviews Dr. A

11.12.13 |

The Baltimore Sun recently interviewed Dr. A to talk about his new book, Discover Your Optimal Health, and to discuss the many health challenges facing Americans today.
From the article:

Annapolis physician and nutritional intervention expert Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen wants to help Americans take back their health with his new book, “Discover Your Optimal Health.”

The book, which came out this summer, reached the New York Times best-seller list for a week within 30 days of the release.

Andersen is also author of “Dr. A’s Habits to Health,” another New York Times best-seller.

A board-certified critical-care physician, Andersen also serves as medical director of Medifast, a weight loss company headquartered in Owings Mills, and co-founder of Take Shape for Life, a division of Medifast that offers personal coaching.

He spoke with The Baltimore Sun about his latest book and his outlook on health.

What inspired you to write the book?

I’ve been spending a lot of time working to help people become intrinsically motivated to organize their life around what matters most to them. People use food and do other unhealthy things as a result of struggles they have inside of their brain, that’s where my focus is right now and that’s why I wrote “Discover Your Optimal Health.”

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