The leader in you

04.19.18 |

Leading the world to optimal health

At this year’s Go Global event in Florida, I was introduced as a global leader in the mission to lead the world to optimal health. That was a humbling and energizing moment for me.

For years, we have worked to transform the lives of people in North America, and while our work has touched people internationally, this is our first deliberate push to take our system worldwide.

To see the growth of our organization and to see the fantastic work of our leaders come together and build toward this moment has been an incredible experience.

And that’s the part of this journey I don’t want us to forget: We have come this far together. You and me and everyone else who is a part of our community.

We have conquered a vast number of challenges to reach people with the Habits of Health System and have innovated at every step of the way. We should be proud of the differences we have made thus far in the world, and we should use that momentum as fuel to expand our vision and look ahead to helping even more people transform their lives.

This community is incredible, and together, we are capable of amazing feats.

Setting examples for the people in our lives

What I don’t want us to forget is that, in many ways, big and small, everyone in our community is a leader.

Even if you have not begun your work as a health coach, even if you are only a few days into the program, the choices you are making today have an impact on the people around you.

By learning and living the Habits of Health, we set examples for the people in our lives. We show them what is possible by making a new, healthier future in our own lives.

Whether you are one of our veteran health coaches supporting a vast team or a newcomer to OPTAVIA and the Habits of Health, thank you for being a part of this journey, and thank you for doing your part to drive change in our world.

Special thanks to Jean-Claude Doornick and Donna Smaldone for taking and sharing these photos with me!