The optimal health community: you are not in this alone

02.05.15 |

Our incredible support network

A day does not go by where I don’t stop to marvel at what the Optimal Health Community has become. The people within it have forged an accessible support network where all our welcome. Our members offer encouragement, share tips, and discuss the latest health trends and research.

When you begin your journey to Optimal Health, there are thousands of people just like you who are ready and willing to lend a helping hand. These are people very much like yourself. They have families and careers. They have faced challenges and obstacles. They have even stumbled on occasion, but they continued to move forward taking their health one choice at a time.

I lean on these people myself. They energize me, and their support makes it easy to maintain the Habits of Health lifestyle.

Earlier this week, I asked the Optimal Health Community what advice they would give if they could talk to themselves 10 years ago. The open and honest insights were all too familiar. Many of them sounded like a note I had written to myself. There was so much wisdom here that I wanted to highlight a few.

Longtime readers of my work know that mindfulness is one of the essential building blocks for the Habits of Health, consequently, many of you talked about how important mindfulness has been in your lives.

Emotional eating has been a frequent topic of discussion in our community as well. It’s lead to me writing blog posts on the topic, and many of you have been thinking more deeply about how emotional eating has affected your lives.


Of all of the topics and ideas we discuss, a consistent theme runs throughout everything we do: the desire to create health for ourselves and for our families. As a result, the idea of organizing your life around what matters most was perhaps the most powerful theme of them all.

Let’s work together to keep the conversation going. The more we talk, the more people listen. Your voice matters, and something as simple as a Facebook comment could be the push that someone else needs to choose Optimal Health.

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